Feedback from our Fan Club

Just wanted to thank you again for your assistance in helping chose a colour scheme for my house. I was very impressed by the professional way in which you approached the task and the way you made it appear so easy, which I am sure is not the case but in reality a result of your vast experience. My major regret is that I have not used a service such as yours sooner. Not only would I have saved myself significant time and angst ( in the form of sleepless nights ! ) but in reality given the significant costs involved in renovating a house it is a relative minor outlay to have a professional such as yourself ensure that the result is what was envisaged at the start.’

‘The house is nearly finished and I love it. Thank you so much for going above and beyond with all of your brilliant colour advice. Thanks again Matildo’

‘It looks great. you are worth your weight in gold!’

‘That was the best money Ive spent in the whole building of this house! thanks so much David’

‘Im wrapped, you have a real skill to interpret our likes and do so quickly, thanks heaps Kerrie’

‘before I was feeling stressed, now Im feeling excited! Thanks Sandra’

‘We are ecstatic with job, much better than previous consultation’

‘Hi , you did a colour consult for me recently – The Avenue. Just wanted say it looks great – especially Aviva in the living room feature. Thanks Lesley’

‘Catherine and David are extremely happy with the building colours!!’

‘My partner Matt and I saw you about six months ago when we were choosing indoor colours for our house.  Your advice was very helpful and the painting turned out really well!’

‘I was recommended by a friend who had Building Colours do her consultation and I love the schemes & want you for my consultation please.’

‘I am soooooo excited about a library in the foyer! Dave LOVED that idea so we will definitely go ahead with that. Also love the purple feature wall and the Indian antique chest you found. Love it all! Thanks so much once again’

‘Thanks again for your help in choosing a colour scheme for our house . We’ve started painting and have completed the kitchen/living area, laundry, and downstairs bathroom. The rest of the house will be completed in the next couple of weeks. We really like the colours in the living room/kitchen, looks great.’

‘Thanks for your time today.  A great outcome!’

‘Well our house is now painted and we are very happy with the final look.’

‘Thank you so much for you help the other day it is greatly appreciated.’

‘Thanks for meeting with me last week. The time passed so quickly and I enjoyed the time and advice you offered.’

‘It was great to have you out on site recently. The exterior is now painted and the colours look fantastic.’

‘Valerie was in RAVE mode about you!!  My ears are now ringing to the tune of your brilliance. Add this one to your brag book and take this as a big thanks for another happy customer out there in our colourful world!’

‘Thanks for your help . Once again you’ve been brilliant. You always leave us feeling so positive.’

‘Thank you for your further advice about the stairwell. I am in full painting mode and hope to progress more today and this week! I must say - the painter wants to take photos of outside after the front door is painted and he will put on his website and I have received further unsolicited positive comments including that distinguishing our places from the corner home was a good idea.’

‘Building Colours did a great job.  The consultant was very professional – turned up on time, was properly equipped, listened carefully and was responsive to my requests, and followed through with what she said she would do.  We were very pleased with her suggestions.  The painting hasn’t actually been done yet but we are sure that it will look great.  We found her advice very helpful and her approach very practical.  I would very happily use Building Colours again.’

‘Thank you  for your wonderful inspiration… Couldn’t have done it without you!’

‘Thanks, you were a big help. You certainly know your stuff! Be in touch down the track re my inlaws place.’

‘I really appreciate your suggestions this morning, it certainly has made our job far easier.”We love the colours. It awas definitely worth the money and we will certainly be recommending building colours.”We a’ready had some ideas, but are much happier with your suggestions that we never would have thought of on our own’

‘We painted the outside of the house, looks great. Getting very positive comment re colours.’

‘I love the colour scheme! Thanks again for all your help you are wonderful!’

‘The colours look beautiful. I love it! thanks so much.’

‘Love it, certainly brings the outside in, just like  you said it would!’

‘Oh wow I really like all of them! You really have my style figured out!’

‘I love all 3 of those choices they are divine. You are brilliant!’

‘So exciting to find some nice things. Love it!’

‘I like all the rugs. Just like I love all the fabrics. Thank you so much!’

‘Omg  I LOVE them!’

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