Building Colours Consultancy Service is the answer to your problems of choosing what colour to paint your house, office or apartment, inside and out. 

We maximise the potential of your building and create colour schemes you will be proud of and homes you love to live in.

To ensure a  balance of contrast,  proportion and scale, the undertone, shade and placement of the colour must be considered.   Choosing the ‘right’ colours depends on the buildings surroundings, light, use of the space,  and YOU.  Colour brings a place to life,  injects personality,  effects your mood,  creates atmosphere, and can enhance or disguise.

Over the past ten  years we have completed hundreds of colour schemes for all styles of buildings, so you can rely on our expertise to design a  personalised colour scheme perfect for your project, which will add value to your property with minimum cost.

In one visit we will select the right paint colours to make the most of inside and/or outside, highlight pretty architectural features while hiding the ugly sins of the building.  We leave you with all the details of what paint colour and product to use where, and a sample of the colours chosen.

Together with one of our qualified friendly colour consultants you will be guided through the  process of  selecting an colour scheme that you will be proud of,  so call us now on 0405 473 148 to book an on site appointment.

As well as providing fantastic colour schemes for  painting, selecting finishes and sourcing furnishings we also offer services from the best available in:

  • Architectural Design
  • Building Certification
  • Building Construction
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Landscaping Design and Construction
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